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Bulking isn't an easy process and you will need all the support you can get. Drill Master will provide you with your premium muscle mass and power gain, but you will still need more and more of benefits like, quality muscle mass growth, muscle mass protection, muscle quality retention, long-lasting and durable muscle mass; benefits that will not only help you gain more mass but hold on to gained muscle mass as well.

Now once you are able to gain and retain muscle mass, you will appreciate benefits that will further boost your abilities to survive the stress and exhaustion of a long lasting bulking phase.

Utility factors that will come in handy are:

  • Fat burning abilities
  • Enhanced strength-energy-endurance
  • High speed wound healing and body recovery
  • Comprehensive mind-body rejuvenation
  • Therapeutic relief
  • Enhanced nutrient utilization
  • Apex physical conditioning

Catering to all these supporting needs at the same time calls for a versatile bulking steroid supplement. And rising to the occasion is Trenbolone. Unfortunately the side effects inflicted by Tren are versatile as well, and to top the versatility is their severity; making Tren a tempting but an unwise option, that is if a healthy well-being is of any concern to you.

Trenbolone threats your well-being with adverse side effects like:

  • Rupturing the sobriety of your mood
  • Topsy-turvy state of mind
  • Reduced sexual urge and performance
  • Gynecomastia
  • Hindrance to cardiovascular functioning
  • Allergic reactions
  • Insomnia
  • Skin disorders
  • Liver destruction
  • Over-sweating
  • Tren-cough (a coughing fit unique to Trenbolone.)

Marine muscle makes an Exception with Gunner.

Marine muscle acknowledges your need for a versatile yet potent all round bulking supplement. To ease your concerns, Marine muscle very effective forms an alternative to the anabolic steroid Trenbolone in the form of Gunner.

Gunner is a steroid supplement similar to Enduro (versatile but focuses mainly on endurance building) in many ways, only a lot more potent in all of its effects.

Gunner with the blend of ingredients like Beta Sitosterol, Nettle Leaf Extract, Pepsin, Samento Inner Bark and Turmeric, allows you to indulge into benefits like:

  • Consistent muscle mass growth
  • Muscle mass quality retention
  • Increase in muscle mass durability
  • Lean muscle tissue growth and preservation
  • Fat burning, therapeutic relief
  • Elevated rate of wound healing and body recovery
  • Replenishing aggregate mind-body health
  • Upgraded strength and endurance
  • Amazing vascularity
  • Peak of physical conditioning

Safe and side effects free Gunner with its versatile assortment of natural ingredients eliminates your health risk concerns, retains legality and are available without the need of any prescription.

Time saving is yet another customer savvy trait of Gunner, with a single capsule usability format this supplement rids you of hassles like injections and protein shakes; the outcome of Gunner is extremely time-efficiently.

Marine muscle focuses not only on product quality gains but customer budget gains as well. All Marine muscle products are shipped all over the USA absolutely free of cost. Marine muscle supplements are also available at the offer of 2 products at the price of 1.

Marine Muscle Gunner Details

Product Name


Anabolic steroid counterpart


Bodybuilding goals achieved


Stacking companions

Drill Master, Trooper and Enduro.



Economic benefits

Free shipping across the USA, 2 product at the price of 1, safe and legal, no medical prescriptions required.

Bodybuilding benefits

Muscle mass growth and quality retention, fat burning, Enriched endurance and strength, lean muscle tissue growth and preservation, therapeutic relief, Side-effects free, improved wound healing and body recovery and quick outcome.


Beta Sitosterol, Nettle Leaf Extract, Pepsin, Samento Inner Bark and Turmeric

Total number of capsules in a container

90 capsules

Servings per day

3 capsules

Intake procedure

3 pills at each serving, 45 mins pre workout

What is so special about Gunner?

  • High security to muscle mass
  • Consistency in muscle mass growth
  • Muscle mass quality retention
  • Significant lean muscle tissue growth and protection
  • Top notch endurance and strength maintenance
  • Soothing therapeutic relief
  • Elevated aggregate mind-body well being
  • Wound healing and body recover at its best
  • High-grade endurance and strength packing
  • Enriched wound healing and body recovery
  • Quicker outcome
  • Safe and legal
  • No medical prescription required
  • Side-effects free
  • Single capsule format usability
  • Free shipping across the USA
  • Get 2 for the price of 1

The Cons of Gunner

  • Possibility of mild levels of gas, diarrhea and constipation
  • Could pose difficulty to people with Sitosterolemia
  • Chances of short term skin irritation
  • Some users might face small chances of allergic reaction
  • Risky for people with Kidney or heart disorders
  • Contraindicationin pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Alcoholic users need to refrain usage of this supplement
  • Requires doctor's consultation prior to usage if already on diabetes medication
  • Possible contraindicationin pre and post-surgery stages
  • Overdosing can cause various bodily disorders
  • Not a standalone supplement, better effects when used in stack
  • The product is available only through the internet

*Note all the health cons are majorly the result of overdosing

*The side effects are usually too mild to warrant any medical attention

*Note all the health cons are majorly the result of overdosing

Will it work for you?

Gunner and every other Marine muscle product will have a superior chance of effectiveness, owing to its assortment of natural / herbal ingredients.

The effectiveness of herbal ingredients is gaining popularity with every passing day. The scope of their usefulness has even opened new horizons for cancer treatment. With such high potential, it is most unlikely that you deliver no results at all from the natural ingredients assortment of Gunner.

The intensity of effectiveness of the supplement however, will depend on criteria such as the growing conditions of the herb and the users bodily functions. Now since each batch of product will include a different crop of ingredients, and each individual will have minute biological differences in their body and at different times, the degree of effectiveness will vary from time to time.

End of the day, regardless the degree of effectiveness, it would be unwise to claim that the supplement doesn't render any benefits as such. In the modern era of advancement and overutilization of natural resources, we have hit the realization of how critically beneficial nature is to us. Finally we have started to take lesson in "back to basics." In a world built on synthetic, chemicals and pesticides, natural alternatives and herbal ingredients offer you the best shot at healing.

Top 5 Benefits of Gunner

1. Lean muscle tissue prservation

2. Therapeutic relief

3. Performance enhancement

4. Side-effects free

5. 2 products at the price of 1

How it Works?

Gunner uses a range of natural substances to trigger and enhance your bodily functions by boosting the root influencing factors.



Beta Sitosterol

Muscle and overall growth. Heart health nurturing

Nettle Leaf Extract

Strength and recovery factor

Samento Inner Bark

Fat reduction and muscle power


Explosive muscle growth and stomach protection


Aggregate mind-body healing

How to use


  • Total no. of capsules in a container: 90 capsules
  • Servings per day: 3 capsules
  • Dosage per serving: 3 pills approximately 45 minutes pre workout
  • For better results: Enforce for atleast 60 days alongwith an efficient diet, disciplined exercise regime, wise guidance, experienced opinion and adept knowledge
  • Stack with for bulking: Drill Master, Trooper and Enduro


Marine muscle's Gunner, an exceptional legal steroid alternative to Trenbolone, to shoot down multiple bulking obstacles at once @ only $69.99 ( Retail: $89.99.) Hassle-free single capsule usability. Legal and safe with 100% natural ingredients. Available without the need of any prescription. No needles. Quick and effective results. Free shipping in USA. Get 2 for the price of 1.
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